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For thousands of years, practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine have been utilizing natural herbs to promote healing and slow the aging process. Highly effective herbal formulas, which treat many common conditions without the negative side effects associated with pharmaceuticals, have been administered and tested during this long history. In addition to performing a traditional Herbal consultation to treat conditions such as allergies, colds, digestive problems, infertility, women's health issues or pain, our Herbalist will explain the use of nutritional therapy as a part or your customized treatment plan as necessary.

Aviva Skin Renewal

A unique blend for the face & body created by Alison Schaeffer, L.Ac., containing all natural plant products, Omega 3-6-9 fatty acids, essential oils, jojoba, Vitamin E and minerals- with natural sun protection. It works great on it's own or in conjunction with our non-surgical Cold Laser Facelift therapy!


You need this if....

  • - You want to reduce wrinkles and fine lines
  • - Your skin craves nourishment & moisture
  • - Your complexion needs rejuvenation
  • - Your skin tends to get dry, flaky or break out with eczema
  • - You want to slow the aging process
  • - You would like to speed the healing in a wound or burn
  • - You are prone to breakouts
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I’ve been using Aviva for two summers and everybody asks me what I use on my skin - I am 30 years old and no one can believe it - especially when they look at my twin sister who doesn’t use the product.

- RD

I can’t live without this stuff - when my purse was stolen, I immediately called Dr. Schaeffer and told her I didn’t care about losing my credit cards as long as I could replace my Skincare product.

Aviva Hair Renewal

The same amazing Aviva formula, with added ingredients specifically targeted to rejuvenate the hair & scalp, this all-natural product includes Jojoba, essential Omega 3-6-9 fatty acids, Vitamin E, essential oils and minerals.


This product is perfect for you if....

  • Your hair is dry & brittle
  • Your hair breaks off when brushing
  • You have a receding hair line or patches of hair loss
  • You chemically treat your hair
  • Your hair has lost its vibrancy

Vitamineral Green from Healthforce Nutritionals


Nutritionally supports Blood Sugar, Detoxification, The Immune System, Liver, Kidneys, Blood, Bones, Colon, Regularity, Circulation, and Longevity* Healthforce.com

Available in 500 grams (17.65 oz) and 150 grams (5.3 oz), at our center or by mail.

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